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Come join us and live the New Cambridge School Cali experience. As your second home, we would like to offer you a world full of opportunities for your child, in a bilingual environment that will allow them to develop their skills. Seeing them grow with joy is as exciting for us as it is for you! We invite you to start the admission process.

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Documentation to start your admission process

Para iniciar nuestro proceso de admisión, es necesario acercarnos con una cita previa a la institución con el objetivo de conocer las instalaciones y recibir toda la información detallada de nuestro modelo educativo, así como costos y explicación del proceso. Posterior a esto, la familia toma la decisión de dar inicio al proceso, comunicándolo a nuestra encargada de admisiones, la cual se encarga de contactar a la familia y explicar la forma para diligenciar el formulario −luego de la asignación de una cita para entregar la documentación requerida− que varía dependiendo de las condiciones del proceso para la familia.

Como documentación básica se requiere para el candidato:

  • Fotos tipo documento.
  • Registro civil de nacimiento.
  • Certificado médico.
  • Certificado de afiliación a la EPS.
  • Carné de vacunas.

De los padres se requiere:

  • Fotos tipo documento. 
  • Copia de cédulas.
  • Soporte de ingresos. 
  • Declaración de renta y extractos bancarios.

Esta última información sobre los padres puede tener ajustes según su actividad, si es independiente o empleado. Por último, la familia deberá asistir a una entrevista familiar y/o presentar pruebas, y esperar posteriormente la respuesta por parte del Comité de Admisión del colegio.

Ver pdf de documentos requeridos.

Come and meet us

It is very important for us to meet you. Come and live the New Cambridge School Cali experience and discover what it means to be part of this family.

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Schedule yourself as a family for a day full of adventures. Get to know our educational proposal.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What are the values we must adhere to as part of the New Cambridge family?

Families must share in and prioritize the educational process and the principles based on our academic model, which seek to build an integral education with a balance between being and knowing. Having a family that shows a solid family structure with high interest in the educational process of our students is of vital importance for the empathic bond with our community to allow an ideal admission process.

2. What is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program?


Each of our sections (preschool, primary and high school) work under this pedagogy centered around constructivism. In preschool they work based on learning environments. 
In primary they follow the IB methodology, they are constructivist, student-centered, and they learn through inquiry. In high school our students follow the IB methodology, which is constructivist, student-centered. The IB methodology is based on teaching and learning approaches.

3. How does the IB Diploma program benefit my child?

The IB program helps create connections that are valid internationally. ICFES is only valid in Colombia, therefore students who wish to study or move abroad would have to complete additional requirements to demonstrate their skills. The IB program avoids this. It also has added benefits for students remaining in Colombia as they will complete coursework related directly to university study and possibly receiving university credits which may allow them to complete nearly a year of university study early.

4. What are some of the language and extracurricular programs offered by the school?

Exchanges that are part of our 'International Path':

  1. UK5: In this program students between 5th and 6th grade have the opportunity to live a
    unique experience during the summer in England, learning about different cultures and
    sharing with students from different parts of the world while developing better English
    language skills.
  2. Programa Waterloo Canadá: Is aimed at students between 13 and 15 years old (grades
    7,8 and 9) where participants have the opportunity to attend a Canadian school for six
  3. Future Leaders Boston: Is aimed at students between 10th and 11th grades (15,16 and
    17 years old) where participants will have the opportunity to tour some of the main
    universities in the United States and learn about their application process, courses of
    study, and other activities.
  4. Programa Disney Cup: Targets students between 9 and 10 years old. This program
    allows the attendance of parents and lasts 10 days. It is a program developed around
    sports in which the students attend as delegations to participate in the Disney World
5. What is the Cambridge curriculum?

Cambridge Assessment International is an international curriculum that sets a global standard for education. It is recognized by universities and employers around the world. 
The curriculum is flexible, challenging, and inspiring, innovative, confident, responsible, thoughtful and committed students are trained.

6. Which languages does the school offer?

Our school offers English as a second language, from prekindergarten to twelfth grade, and Mandarin Chinese as a third language, from fourth to eighth grade.

7. At which age can I enroll my child?

Children as young as 8 months old may enroll in the school.

8. How do I schedule an appointment?

Currently we have different means for scheduling an appointment. You may schedule by phone or through our social networks. It is necessary for the family or guardian to provide basic contact information so they may receive the necessary information for application.

9. Which documents are required to begin the admissions process?

To start the admissions process, you must schedule a prior appointment which will allow you to learn the campus and our educational program, as well as the costs of enrollment.

If you choose to continue with the admissions process, you will be assigned an admissions officer who will guide you through the remaining requirements.

Basic documents that will be required are:

  • Document type photos.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Certificate of affiliation with EPS.
  • Vaccination card.

Parents require:

  • Copies of identification.
  • Documents showing income.
  • Income tax and bank statements.
  • The documents for parents must reflect if they are independent or employed.

Additionally the family must attend and interview session or complete a questionnaire prior to receiving a response from the Admission Committee


See pdf of required documents.